Te-Iltcohe Dairy Goats : For Sale

             Starter Herd Packages and Dairy Cattle for Sale:         

                                      2018 Kids for Sale:
We are offering for sale a very nice selection of our 2018 kids crop. Prices will start at $150.00 for registered doelings. Pictures and prices will be coming soon. Presently bottle bucklings are available for $20.00/buck kid/no papers.  

                               Bottle Bull Calves for Sale: 

All bottle calves are fed colostrum from vaccinated dams shortly after birth and are sold healthy to the best of our knowledge. Calves are available as they are born year round and will vary in price according to size and breed as well as market trends. Average price for bottle bull calves is around $150.00/calf over a year period.

                                 "Buck Dynasty" T-shirts 

We have two designs available at the present so be sure if ordering to specify design, size, and color.  Adult Sizes: sm, med., XL, 2XL                                

Other colors can be ordered. Allow 2-6 weeks for  your orders. All sizes are $15.00 + $6.00 for shipping. 

Designed at the request of our friends who breed and show Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats we have added this whimsical spoof of the all time Disney Favorite story book flick. Comes only in pink. $15.00/adult and youth sizes + $6.00 for shipping.

One of our newest T-shirt design features a spoof image of the classic film "Gone With the Wind" movie poster with a decidedly "goaty" spin to it. This design comes in medium, large, extra large, and 2XL. $15.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

Infant and Toddler shirts are available in pink or blue. They are $10.00 each + $6.00 for shipping.  

Shirt orders may be sent to: Rebecca VanTassel at 1005 HWY, Cabool, Mo. 65689. At the present we are not set up for PayPal but we accept cash,personal  checks (please make out to Rebecca VanTassel), or money orders.

"The Original Kids" coffee mug is just the perfect gift for all goat lovers.  What a wonderful way to enjoy a favorite hot beverage and farm animal at the same time this coming Christmas. The Cup features cute photos of an Alpine, Lamancha (with LGD),  and a pair of cuddly Boer kids.       $12.00/cup plus $8.00 shipping.